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The management is the key to success for who realises it with a high degree of knowledge and professionalism and that defines the degree of attainment of results in the companies.

Studies of Viability
Beginning of establishments
Management Systems
Integration in Chains, Groups or Franchises.
Selection of Personnel
Human resources
Legal and Fiscal consultant's
Analysis and Management of Purchases
New Technologies

Studies of Viability

Previous to any beginning of project, extension, remodelling of a Tourist establishment the tactically important point is in guaranteeing that the investment to make will produce agreed yields with the predicted terms of amortization and our expectations.

It requires a deep study of the present reality of the market as well as of its probable evolutions.

Any increase of capacity also requires the study of the present structure of the company, if it supports or not the mentioned increase and needs to study what structural or functional variations we must make to obtain the predicted results.

If we spoke of a remodelling with the objective to also increase the category of the establishment it will entail a study of the new objective customer and a deep study of the competition in this new segment.

Top Hotels has deep updated knowledge of this type of positioning and can help you in this scope.

Beginning of establishments

The three first years of the life of a Hotel are those that set the standard of their long term future, reason why is extremely important to surround themselves by a highly professionalized team that knows to lead the most difficult years and to introduce the establishment in the market, with the sufficient rapidity to be able to position themselves and to maintain a quota of market in the future.

To correct errors costs much more effort and money that if we have invested sufficient in human resources and analysis at the beginning.

The members of Top Hotels we have 35 years of experience in opening of Hotels in very diverse markets and countries, we therefore can help you.

Management Systems

In Management systems it is possible to say that the perfect one does not exist, but you have to choose the best suitable to your particular needs.

Its volume will determine if is suitable for your company considering your necessities and resources.

Top hotels knows them, and will advise you on the systems that at the present time are able to solve your concrete problem, from Front or back Office programs of all type to integral systems of communication, through Call Centers, Booking engines, Yield Management and reservations systems on line.

Integration in Chains, Groups or Franchises.

If you have a Hotel Project or an existing establishment and for any reason you don’t have the availability to manage it personally, we can advise you and find integration in:
- National or International Hotel Chains
- Groupings of Independent Hotels
- National or International Franchises.

Selection of Personnel

A correct Selection of the personnel will avoid later problems of Management with the important costs that it implies.
Allow us to manage your necessities on executives, intermediate level or basic personnel.

Human resources

Perhaps in many companies they put in front the personnel to the client, is exaggerated but what is sure it is that both they are the base of your company.

A correct management of the personnel, a system of incentives that allows the degree of satisfaction upper not only will make you gain clients but that will reduce the personnel cost, and we already know that at the present time it is the main cost in all company of Hostelry.
The continuous Formation is also a cost that is amortized quickly if it is applied correctly.

Consult our systems of Management and Formation of Personnel.

Legal and Fiscal consultant's

At the present time with the continuous evolution of all the norm and legislation it becomes essential to have a correct and specialized advise.

Our diverse teams of advisers are all of them specialized in Hostelry and Tourism.

Analysis and Management of Purchases

The Management of the purchases happens needs a constant analysis if you want to be updated and to take advantage of all the opportunities that today offer the present systems of communication.

The Groups of Purchase allow benefiting from the best prices and opportunities to reduce your costs.

The Department of Purchases of Top Hotels Consulting will be able to advise you and to introduce you in the mentioned Groups.

New Technologies

Today, we are not able any longer to live without them, except in a desert island of the Pacific, but as this it is not the case we must learn and be updated, developing permanently your tools:Web, Communications, new system of study of Competition, Yield Management etc.….

We know these tools thorough and we can indicate you the more suitable and effective companies and systems.


The insurances are the tools that allow maintaining our business under any eventuality.

A correct management of the insurances will allow you to be safe and at the mean time to benefit from the best prices.

Top Hotels has created a line of diverse types of insurances specialized in Hostelry with the best prices of the market for our clients.


The correct and permanent control of your company will allow you to dedicate your time to more productive functions knowing than your company is perfectly and permanently controlled.

We can advise you to the companies and professionals specialized in audit and with the greater reputation and reliability.


Hotel Bussines Real Estate
In this area you will find information about Hotels for Sale or to Buy, rent off hotels and Management.

Main Projects

Interesting Hotel development options in Zanzibar
We have the direct order of the property for the sale of two great complexes of hotels in the paradise island of Zanzibar, and an area of ​​12ha with three frontline private beaches. ideal for the development of a third Luxurious Resort (+)

Termes Victoria Hotel & Spa
The prestigious Hotel Balneario Termes Victoria, has given us the responsabilitie on the Marketing Management and Sales(+)

A new Hotel in Altafulla - Tarragona - Spain
Top Hotels has been designated as the company in charge of the development of an emblematic project of a hotel of 150 hab. 4 stars, equipped with Spa and Congresses rooms at 50m of the sea and with very good views and facilities.(+)

New Aparthotel in Barcelona - Aura Park
We have completes the implementation and advice on the management and marketing, a new Aparthotel close to Feria 2 in Barcelona - Aura Park(+)

4 star Hotel at the Pyrenees
New Hotel in Puigcerda is in construction - Girona, the property has entrusted us the study of Viability to be able to support the request of Credit and to finalize the works.(+)

Prestigious Spanish Promoter lands on Playa Bavaro
Promotions ECC has ordered us the study of Viability for an important Resort of 600 rooms in Playa Bavaro (Dominican Republic) (+)

Engaged with Roc Blanc Hotels
Top Hotels Consulting is actually collaborating with Roc Blanc Hotels on their Marketing and Comercial, and in their new projects.(+)

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