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Marketing and Commercialization

At the moment Marketing has become the previous tool to the creation of any product or service. First we must know how what requires or needs the client to create the product adapted to its demand.

Market Studies
Image and Design


The Marketing Plan and the study of the management of your resources are the basic tools to obtain the economic results that all Hotelkeeper needs.

We can offer you the creation of a Marketing Plan or if you have one we can make a deep study of the present and propose modifications adapted at every moment and we carried out a permanent follow up.

Market Studies

The client is the great potential that has any company without him nothing else has reason to exist since on him is based is survival.

At the moment with the new technologies at the hand of all, the market study becomes something essential of a permanent form due to the fast evolution of the own market and the changes of tendencies of the client, whom it has a great facility of information and the hotelkeeper must be able to evolve and to anticipate itself to its desires, necessities and to adapt its prices quickly, nowadays no longer exists a tariff, exist multitude of them who used at the right moment and correct segment will take you to obtain the predicted result.

Top hotels can help you with a study of the market and constant positioning of your establishment, as well as in an external Commercial support that reinforces your present team.


The Communication in many cases is considered a superfluous and expensive tool, despite the correct management of the external communication of the Company they are a basic factor of success in century XXI

The internal Communication often also is the great one forgotten, and a correct application of internal communication can increase the income considerably.

Our Department of Communication can help you to implement a correct and effective system of internal and external Communication.

Image and Design

The Image of the Company is a priority factor to get more clients and the study of the suitable design of all the elements shows the client which can expect when he arrives at your Hotel.

The Image must show the reality and to allow the client to get a suitable expectation of the place where it will pass its moments of leisure or work and in any case if the reality surpasses its expectation your client will have a greater satisfaction.

Top Hotels will provide the suitable companies or people that can create or to modify the image and design of all the internal and external elements of your company.


The different forms from Commercialization nowadays mark the trajectory of a company.
The new technologies are influencing the Commercialization and the traditional commercial teams become obsolete if they don’t adapt quickly to new forms and processes.

In Top Hotels Consulting we have the suitable solution to support externally your Commercial team without entering important costs.

Our team of Commercial Consultants can integrate as outsourcing on your company and take advantage of its specialized knowledge to improve your introduction in diverse markets and segments.

Hotel Bussines Real Estate
In this area you will find information about Hotels for Sale or to Buy, rent off hotels and Management.

Main Projects

Interesting Hotel development options in Zanzibar
We have the direct order of the property for the sale of two great complexes of hotels in the paradise island of Zanzibar, and an area of ​​12ha with three frontline private beaches. ideal for the development of a third Luxurious Resort (+)

Termes Victoria Hotel & Spa
The prestigious Hotel Balneario Termes Victoria, has given us the responsabilitie on the Marketing Management and Sales(+)

A new Hotel in Altafulla - Tarragona - Spain
Top Hotels has been designated as the company in charge of the development of an emblematic project of a hotel of 150 hab. 4 stars, equipped with Spa and Congresses rooms at 50m of the sea and with very good views and facilities.(+)

New Aparthotel in Barcelona - Aura Park
We have completes the implementation and advice on the management and marketing, a new Aparthotel close to Feria 2 in Barcelona - Aura Park(+)

4 star Hotel at the Pyrenees
New Hotel in Puigcerda is in construction - Girona, the property has entrusted us the study of Viability to be able to support the request of Credit and to finalize the works.(+)

Prestigious Spanish Promoter lands on Playa Bavaro
Promotions ECC has ordered us the study of Viability for an important Resort of 600 rooms in Playa Bavaro (Dominican Republic) (+)

Engaged with Roc Blanc Hotels
Top Hotels Consulting is actually collaborating with Roc Blanc Hotels on their Marketing and Comercial, and in their new projects.(+)

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