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Hotel Real Estate Services

The Hotel real estate management of Top Hotels Consulting offers a wide range of services consisting on the search and land selection, projects and tourist hotel establishments/for sale anywhere of the world, many of them in exclusive right and that are not present in the market.


· Our consultants will follow throughout the purchase process and will advise you on how to create the most suitable management of each establishment.

· Find and select businesses to the extent, location, nature and volume of investment required by each buyer.

· Feasibility study of the investment project, which includes a thorough analysis of the market with a projected operating account to 10 years.

· Assessment and analysis of economic and financial investment, including its valuation on the projected cash flow and basic calculations of the investment ratios.

· Review of current business concept, proposed alternatives for development, detailing recommendations.

· Comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of the business to be acquired: Due Diligence and audit.

· Advice on the process and finding adequate funding.

· Legal assistance throughout the transaction.

· Post-acquisition support to our customers by ensuring the proper development of the establishment, including assistance in obtaining permits, certificates and licenses necessary for implementation of its business and operational, marketing and promotion, strategic positioning, corporate branding, selection of management companies, management systems and control, selection and personnel training, etc.

Hotel Management

Our experts in management may offer various options, leaving it to our professionals or seeking other formulas with International Management companies.

Hotels Destacats

Hotel Reus
Category: 3 ***
Total price: 4.500.000

Hotel Mas Sola
Category: 3 ***
Total price: 135.000.000

Hotel Secondary market
Category: 2 **
Total price: 3 500 000

Fantastico hotel
Category: 8 
Total price: 3560000

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